TreeHousestyle Dining

A meandering pathway canopied with rustling leaves will lead you away from the rigors of daily life and into your very own private tree house....

TreeHouse at Twilight  Dining

Savor an extraordinary meal like none other.  Emphasizing quality, satisfying your taste buds while introducing them to new and enticing flavors. This 4.5 course menu from appetizer to dessert, accompanied with the Tree House atmosphere, will create memories for a lifetime                      

                                                                               7:15pm seating only Thurs, Friday & Sat


                  Allow for a 2 hour experience

Tapas and a Tree House

Escape into the forest for an afternoon getaway of Culinary, Nature and Wine.

Enter  into your private oasis, finding  your table decorated with  a chef selected  tapas board accompanied by your choice of wine

      1:45pm seating  only  Fri thru Mon


                   Allow for a 1.5 hour experience 

Please use the reservation calendar on the homepage. Only use the specified time of 1:45pm for tapas and 7:15pm for twilight dinner and correct day. 

Tree House Corner TreeTops Restaurant
Tree House TreeTops Restaurant


Two Frank Lloyd Wright designs and a private Tree House style dining pod.  We are currently offering  a Brunch or Dinner tour experience on  a limited basis.